Dan  Mitsu is a Japanese idol and actress.

She was born in Akita on December 3, 1980.

Dan is 5’2 tall and her measurements are 33-23-35. Her blood type is O.

There are several little facts about Dan  Mitsu that set her apart from most gravure idols. For example, the fact that she started her career when she was nearly 30 and is as active as ever even at the age of 32 – way past the “expiration date” for most gravure idols.

Some gravure models make the transition to nude modeling and might even become AV stars. Some others prefer to keep the good girl image and become singers, actresses and TV personalities.

Dan managed to do a little bit of both: she has both TV and movie appearances even after she posed nude in some pretty classy shoots.

Dan is also different because she doesn’t shy away from rumors and gossips about her private life, as most idols do.

She has even told the press about her bisexual inclinations and her first encounter with another woman, when she was 18.

Her movie roles weren’t exactly usual as well. She appeared in a S&M themed movie by famous Japanese director Takashi Ishii.

But not everything about Dan is unusual. She is also a certified English teacher, dance instructor and culinary artist.

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