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If you are looking to book a meeting with one of our fabulous New York Asian escorts or Manhattan escorts, if you just wish to search our extensive gallery of our most gorgeous girls, or even if you are simply looking for some basic information regarding Asian Amour, you have most definitely come to the right place. Asian Amour New York Escorts has the biggest selection of hot and sexy women from around the world, and they all have the same job in common: to keep you happy and ensure that you and your needs are fully satisfied.

Operation & Booking 24/7 available,Only 30 minutes Delivery for your Good Time

Our exotic Manhattan Escorts service includes Asian massage, dinner dating, party events, nightlife parties, Spa &Theater or New York city escorts, give us a call +1(646)886-6008

Our agency specializes in providing only the best and most reliable NYC escort service at prices that are very affordable not just in New York City, but in other surrounding areas as well. Within the past five years of our operation, we have served literally thousands of customers who have expressed great satisfaction with what we have to offer. In the process, we have also become one of the most successful escort agencies in all of New York. Our overall goal is to make all of your wishes come true, whether you simple want someone to accompany you to dinner or if you’re simply looking for a chat or some more private time with one of our many ladies. We employ only the most attractive and experienced women, and each of them certainly possesses their own form of charm and beauty that we know you will love.

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At New York Asian Amour Escorts, Google Plus, we are entirely committed to ensuring that all of our customers have experiences with out women that are truly enjoyable. We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously, so much so that our company’s top core values are good customer service and loyalty. It’s because of these core values that many customers are constantly wanting to continue to do business with Asian Amour – NYC Escorts. All of our beautiful women continuously go above and beyond to make absolutely sure that you are not only pleased with your experience, but that you also get all of the attention that you both want and deserve. We also know that each customer is different than the other in terms of expectations and what they want from the services that we provide, which is why New York Asian Amour Escorts offers a wide variety of beautiful women who completely understand the needs and wants of clients.



New York Asian Amour Escorts offers very low and reasonable pricing for all of our New York Asian escorts and Manhattan escorts. Generally, we charge an average rate of $260 per hour, which is considerably less than the rates charged by many of our competitors. We choose to charge this low of an amount because we at New York Asian Amour Escorts feel that this should be the only correct rate for all of our customers to pay. In addition, there are other escort services who employ the use of call centers, which end up charging large commission amounts that essentially raise the prices of the services that these escort services provide. However, New York Asian Amour Escorts also uses its own call center without charging these kinds of unreasonable rates as our competitors. Furthermore, there are absolutely zero hidden fees or travel expenses that our customers will be forced to pay for any of our services. All information published on this website has been very carefully reviewed by Patrick Roberts, the owner and operator of New York Asian Amour Escorts, before being posted here for you to see.

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As previously stated, New York Asian Amour Escorts provides only the most beautiful and experienced Asian escorts in New York City. From blondes to brunettes, from tall women to short women, we offer a myriad of possibilities for your choosing. Another important aspect to mention is that some of our New York Asian escorts are natives of this city and country, while others are from all over the continent of Asia itself. This opens up the possibility of being offered a much different culture experience if that is what you have in mind. If you are completely convinced that New York Asian Amour Escorts is exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (646) 886-6008 and book one of our women!



Unlike some of our competitors, we provide 100% real profiles of the escorts that New York Asian Amour Escorts employs. This is something that we have proven time and time again thanks to the vast amount of customers who have expressed great satisfaction with the services that we provide. In addition, we adhere to any and all laws imposed by the United States of America, as well as any and all laws pertaining to human rights. Furthermore, while a vast majority of our competitors employ only 3-4 women, New York Asian Amour Escorts employs approximately 25, and you have your pick of any one of them that you wish. As a client of our company, we guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with your escort, as you will see that she is as attractive and beautiful as you saw in her profile photo here on our website.

You can browse our gallery of escorts by using the following “featured” tags, listed here in alphabetical order for your convenience:

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You can also browse our selection of escorts by other various tags, which have also been listed here in alphabetical order for your convenience:

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At New York Asian Amour Escorts, visit our Local Page we consistently value the complete privacy of all of our customers. At no time will we ever disclose any information regarding either you or our escorts with any outside parties. We want to assure you that any and all services that you request and pay for are strictly confidential and will always remain as such. In addition, our escorts are also extremely confidential and discreet in terms of all services that they provide. At no time will they ever ask you any personal questions that may make you the least bit uncomfortable. Our escorts’ only duty is to address your specific needs and do their job to help ensure that those needs are completely satisfied. 


New York Asian Amour Escorts has been operating for the past five years and we employ a grand total of 65 individuals. Our company also maintains regular clients, some of which have been referred to us thanks to word-of-mouth from other satisfied customers of ours. The biggest reason for the success of New York Asian Amour Escorts is one man: Patrick Roberts, the owner and operator of the company. Mr. Roberts is very highly involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations of New York Asian Amour Escorts, and he prides himself on being extremely dedicated to not only providing our customers with the best escorts that New York has to offer at the best prices around, but also to keeping the overall standards of the business itself as high as possible.



As previously stated, New York Asian Amour Escorts employs the use of a call center, which was first opened back in 2014. For your convenience, our call center is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. So if you are in the mood to find an escort for any reason, contact us today and let one of our amazing call center representatives help you find the perfect escort to fit your needs and wants. If you feel like you need to call New York Asian Amour Escorts at the last minute to take advantage of our services, don’t fret because that is absolutely fine as well. Our only goal is to ensure that all of our clients are completely satisfied.



During our entire five years of business, New York Asian Amour Escorts has yet to receive one single negative complaint regarding the services that we provide. Take the time to utilize your preferred search engine and search for us. You will find that all of our customers have been completely happy and satisfied with both our escorts and our entire agency itself.

Garry – : Wow!!! She is perfect. Very beautiful, clean and fun. I like being with her so I call for her every week. Asian Amour escorts are doing perfect job with the support and i love the service. Maybe i will try a new girl soon … who knows ;) – George Melchers

Jessey – : love her!

It was an amazing experience. I loved Tina, she is very nice to me and we had a lovely time. She is professional and i would like to be with her again soon – Bennie Jeans

James : Dream come true! “They made my dream come true! It was really fantastic and i love the professional work of the agency! The girls are very fun .. i love them and i will definitely call again for them.” She is ready to fullfill your dreams

Mark : I like her! “It was very fun with her! I am happy i decided to ask the support for her and i will call again soon!” Eli Charming lady

So once again, if you are looking to have a pleasant and memorable experience with any one of our escorts, give New York Asian Amour Escorts a call today at (646) 886-6008.


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